The documentary character of his work is strongly influenced by 20th century photography. During his design studies at the BURG Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle, he intensively studied Russian Constructivism and avant-garde photography in the Soviet Union of the 1920s and 1930s. In particular, he saw himself influenced by the universality of the Russian painter, graphic artist, photographer and architect Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko. Today, after two decades of independent work, he has a diverse expertise in equally diverse fields.

Following his additional master’s degree in media education at the University of Rostock, he has worked as a speaker and media trainer in Germany and abroad on many occasions in recent years – for example, at the invitation of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen ifa as a speaker for photography and online journalism at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow, or at the invitation of the Goethe-Institut Ukraine as a media trainer in Kiev. In 2021, Marcus-Andreas Mohr worked for the Institute for Democracy, Media and Cultural Exchange IDEM as a consultant for photojournalism in an environmental media project in Uzbekistan at the Aral Sea. In the same year, he spent several weeks in Azerbaijan at the universities of Gəncə, Mingəçevir, Lənkəran and Baku as a consultant for photo and video production.

For his free photo-artistic work, he prefers to opt for photo-technical projects using analog materials of positive and negative processing and image production with analog photo-camera objects, from optic-less light painting with pinhole cameras to the use of historical medium-format apparatus. Last year, with the help of a work grant from the „Kultur ans Netz“ program, he was able to implement a photo art project to create image motifs using the salt printing process. When processing analog photographic materials, concepts such as deceleration and permanence are of particular concern to him – a philosophy that he makes accessible and vividly conveys not only to a younger audience in various workshop series. Accordingly, he has a wide range of practical experience in his analog studio darkroom lab in Halle’s Bölbergasse.

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